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All written content and pictures on FoodRecipesEasy.com are my exclusive property unless otherwise stated. Credit, where due is accorded. A lot of time, energy goes in cooking, taking photographs, writing, editing etc. When we say ‘content’ it simply means ‘Recipes could be same, as they are passed on from one person to another or through generations and no one can hold copyrights on the recipes themselves, but the content (text and photographs) used to describe/compose and author a recipe can not exactly be the same, as it will become a copy-paste job. Plagiarism is not acceptable … please respect the creator’s efforts.

You cannot duplicate, copy, reproduce or build upon any content on FoodRecipesEasy.com, without the express permission of the owner (that’s me). Links to my articles are welcome provided my name and the title of the article is mentioned explicitly along with a hyperlink. All material in this blog is copyright protected.

Unauthorized copying, reproduction, modification, republishing, duplicating, uploading, posting, or transmitting any material on this blog through print or electronic media is prohibited and legal action will be initiated if such activity is noticed. I do not look upon copyright infringement kindly.


Great chefs are not born; they are created through a journey of trials and errors. I’m no different. Needless to say, each and every recipe is 100% tried and tested in my kitchen before they are hosted on the web. However, you are free to spice the recipes to suit your palate and also cook with the available ingredients in your kitchen.

I don’t have any grand diplôme in culinary arts management and cannot offer professional advice on the subject.

As the author/owner, I reserve the right to modify, change, or add to these policies at any time.

~ Cherie

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